Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updates: Dr. Jan Adams, Kanye West, and Weezy

Update on the Larry King Interview with Dr. Jan Adams (the doctor of Dr. Donda West): Um...basically there was no interview. He went on Larry King Live, to say that he wasn't going to say anything at all - respecting the wishes of the family. I actually commend him for doing this and walking off the show, knowing Kanye and his family are going through a very difficult time right now. Reportedly, Kanye broke down crying at a show Saturday night in Paris while attempting to sing 'Hey Mama' - SO sad. I saw the vid on YouTube but didn't want to post it...he's definitely in my prayers.

On a lighter note, I heard this madness this morning. Apparently Lil' Weezy (Mr. Single, Ready to Mingle, I got Pringles) will be featured as one of the men of the year in the December issue of GQ Magazine [surprisingly all of those nonsensical hooks and mixtapes paid off]. Y'all crazy...stop playin'. But big-ups to Kanye for making GQ's Man of the Year: better.

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