Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Shopping? - Keep it Black!

Please don't give Walmart/Target/Louis Vuitton/Fendi/Etc. all of your money this holiday season. Keep it in the FAM. To help out a bit, here's a list of black-owned businesses. It's a work in progress so please check back for updated links:

Carol's Daughter - beauty products for men and women
Miss Jessies - hair products for natural hair - THE BEST!
Retail Closeout Mall - black owned online retail shop
Karibu Books - black owned (afrocentric) bookstore
Swahili - African Home Decor and Accessories
Warm Spirit - beauty products for women
Phat Farm - clothing.accessories.fragrance.
Sean John - It's not just a label
Artistic Tees - Cool stuff check it out...
Greek 4 Life - All types of greek paraphernalia
Bob Marley Footwear - They contribute 10% of the profit of all shoes sold on this website to various charities in Jamaica as well as Hunger Task Forces throughout the world.
Dalinkwent - Lyrical clothing that stem from the core of today's inner city.
Applebottoms - Turn down your sound I got scared to DEATH
House of Dereon - If you wish...
Michael Knight - If you're into 'Project Runway' - you're already all over this!
Innervisions Productions - check it...

Please provide any other companies and links that you may have and I will post them accordingly. Or if you're interested in a black-owned bank with the best rate around check this out.


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