Monday, March 24, 2008

Working, Insomnia, and JoJo

Ok, it's been a while since I last wrote. My bad. I blame work. I've been working OT trying to ramp up for a big project we have going on. It's pretty exciting, but can get tiring getting up to speed. Mostly because my sleep pattern is all off. For some reason I haven't been getting more than four hours sleep/night. I have to do better with that. I have an obsession with reality t.v. that we will have to discuss another time.

Oh, and my dog, JoJo is ruining my life. He's about to turn 1 in about a week and is still not fully potty trained. I mean he was cute and all when he was a baby (see pic) but now it's a little much. His needs to tell me when he needs to go outside. If only I'd known it was going to be this much work to get a dog, I would've had to pass on the pet owner gig - ugh. He's cute, but not worth the trouble. I love him to death, but he is driving me CA-RAZY! He needs to get a job. I mean how do pet owner's keep their house clean and smelling great? I mean really. It's tough enough with just me. This is definitely making me rethink those 4 kids I want. Jeeezus. I was trippin. Lord, give me strength.

But back to the length of time since my last post. To be honest, I just haven't been all that inspired to write. Everything has been pretty "blah." Not that that's a good or bad thing. Just no huge ups or downs in my life as of late. But I'll try a little harder to keep in touch. Any ideas on some new blog topics? Btw, I generally spend about 10 minutes writing my posts, don't get too deep. ;-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Deflated....Over It

For a while I've been very encouraged and excited that Americans were looking past race for once and voting for a great Candidate who is pushing for positive change in our country. That was huge. For once, I had faith that we were seeing true progress. Clearly I was sipping that hope-aid (red, it's my favorite).

But for a couple of weeks I've been hearing a huge increase of racial rhetoric by every news outlet there is. Over the last few months they have used race as a way to divide Americans at the polls. Now I'm watching this Barack Obama bashing on rotation on mf-ing CNN (used to be my fav. news channel) which I could've sworn was Fox News - talking about his pastors comments (who gives a flying ****?). I've also been watching SNL for the past few weeks and have been extremely disappointed in their racist (did you see the Sharpton/Jesse skit?) and ridiculous coverage of Barack Obama and his campaign - I thought comedy was supposed to be funny - guess not. I'm so over this. They are destroying this man on some b.s. That man must really love his country to risk his life running for this office and taking this kind of grief...he's a better person than I am - f*ck that shit.

And the NERVE of Geraldine Ferraro to suggest that his race is giving him the upper hand in this campaign - is she insane? I mean really. That's insanity.

I'd like to say that the American people are smarter than this, but I said the same thing last election when George Bush was elected. I was wrong then too. Damn.

If Barack doesn't win this damn democratic nomination, I will not be voting in November (or maybe I'll vote for Nader for kicks). I'm way too deflated. I'm over politics.

*Sigh* *Sipping elitist latte*

And for the record, who cares about Spitzer (I mean really)? Or these racial issues? Or his pastor? Lets talk about the damn ECONOMY and these GAS PRICES (check the pic above), this is CRAZY! Oh, true story, they have televisions at the gas pumps - gets your mind off the fact that gas prices are OUT OF CONTROL. They are trying to SELL you more stuff by advertising products via commercials literally at the gas pump. For reals. Sunoco. For the record, I spent $50 at the pump today. Insanity.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reality Check: Obama is Still Winning (clearly)

However you try to spin it (media) Barack has this hands down.

Thanks Jed Report!

Stop the Insanity!!!

Clearly I've already shared how ANNOYED I am with this whole primary. Seriously, the democrats seem to just get more divided by the day. I really wish Hillary would take the high road and bow out gracefully. But nope. I guess she will fight to the death (lets hope it doesn't come to that). So annoyed, so exhausted, so burnt OUT, so OVER this. Now I have heartburn....damn.

P.S. -- Has anyone else noticed that American Idol is like 200% more gay this year?

Monday, March 3, 2008


PREACH! Couldn't have ever said it any better myself. I always thought that was the most ignorant thing I've heard. Why would you that word knowing the history behind it? What is the purpose? Think...

Political Burnout

Okay, I've been so immersed in this political coverage for the last couple of months, that it's invaded my dreams. Seriously, I woke up this morning stressed (the f*ck) OUT after watching non-stop Ballot Bowl 2008 coverage. It reminds me of how addicted I was to watching the news after September 11th - I know weird. That also, wasn't a good time for my sleep. But for real, I'm seriously over this thing though - talk about over-saturation of the media - jeez. Either way, we need a definitive answer to who's going to be the Democratic nominee on MARCH 4TH - and deal with it. Please, I can't take anymore.....SHOOOOOOOT! I'm tired of hearing about it. The same lame arguments, same speeches, same rallies, deep down knowing whoever wins is no Superman [however, I agree anyone is better than Bush] so.....LET'S MOVE ON! Oh and if they mention the word "African American" or "Woman" or "Latino vote" ONE more about divisive politics - what the HELL is the point? Why can't they just be Americans? Why do these demographics have to be explicitly called out in every newscast? See, now I don't like latinos....I blame CNN (kidding). But seriously, if there's a point, I'd like to know...

This contest is getting so negative and SO intense, that I fear that the Democratic party will not be able to unite and rally around the chosen candidate (whoever that may be) and win in the general election. Even though the opponent is an OLD man who supports the war for 100 more years and could care less about economic policy.

Ok, that's it. Just had to vent...

I'm so over political I can focus on what's important: Girlicious.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Must Admit - This is MAD Corny!!

...But yay!!!! What do you think?

FYI...Hillary is definitely getting on my nerves. She is running an extremely negative campaign. Do you think that this will affect the results of the general election?