Monday, November 26, 2007

Dreading Monday - Sleepy Rant

natural hairOk, it's 12:19a.m. right now....I should be sleeping. Preparing for tomorrow's return to work, but I can't sleep. I mean I had four days off, I should be ready to go back to work, right? Negative. So what AM I doing? Well, anything to avoid going to sleep. Reading random mags I haven't gotten a chance to read, sorting my pictures, organizing my iTunes, watching bad tv, oh and surfing the net.

Luckily I found a good article on one of my favorite blogs, Afrobella, about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I started this journey about 4-5 months ago and so far so good. It is messing with my vanity just a bit [ok more than a little bit], but I can't wait to have natural and more importantly - HEALTHY/FREE hair. Yes, I'm questioning how I'm going to look, but I'm optimistic and so excited about this new journey.

I'd also found Nappturality about a year ago when I attempted once before (before giving in to the chemicals) - and the blog has pointed me back in the right direction - just when I was thinking about going back to relaxers.

Oh, what also helped was when I searched "relaxer" on wikipedia. The results also helped to remind me that again, I was making the RIGHT decision. Btw, since I'm really trying to participate in the movement to support black products/businesses it doesn't help that a majority [if not ALL] weaves and relaxers are made by those who are anything BUT black.

I had a conversation with a caucasian female co-worker (yes, that one) about my hair regimen. Listening to myself it sounded so ridiculous that I paid so much money to get my hair straightened every 6 weeks. I mean A LOT of money went towards these products that damaged my hair. What was I thinking? I know she was definitely laughing silently on that one.

Who makes hair weave? Who makes relaxers - really? Why are we groomed from such a young age to get these chemicals that damage our hair? I know a lot of people believe their choice is completely independent of societal pressures, but I wonder if that's even possible. Is it?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-relaxer/straight hair. The best part of being a black woman is the versatility we have with our hairstyles. Mind you, I'm not a fan of colorful weaves and creations, but we can do some unique and beautiful things with our hair. I just think we should be able to see our hair in it's natural form and still feel that we can be beautiful. Women especially feel a need to conform to men's view of beauty [not to mention society's] - so I really feel like we rarely look at what "we" think of as true beauty. Ya feel me?

What do you consider "pretty/handsome?" Be honest. I'd like to hear the male and female opinion firsthand.

So in the meantime, I'm going to look up some more hairstyles on the net....let me know if you have any suggestions/recommendations to help me along my journey. If you are going through a similar journey check out Natural-Shapes Hair Salon in DC and Carol's Daughter hair products.


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