Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back to Life....Back to Reality

I know I've been trippin this week with keeping my postings up-to-date. It's always hard for me after a few days off. I'm just trying to make it through the week. Luckily I've had the help of some good music to help my days go by just a bit faster. I heard these songs on my commute into work today and I'm loving them....

Amy Winehouse - Just Friends
Beyonce feat some dude - He Still Loves Me (soundtrack to my life)
Patti Labelle - If Only You Knew
Van Hunt - Down Here in Hell (With You)
Common - Light

Here's one of the mp3's I fould from this morning's playlist:

I just WISH I could use my iPod at work. But there's always streaming music and podcasts! What online music do you listen to? Maybe you can give me some new sites to visit to find similar songs.

Until we meet again...



Dirty Red said...

Bright Star,
While I am at work I listen to yahoo music. Mainly the old school hip hop station. But it changes automatically after about an hour to a pretty good rock station. I also have my own personalized station that plays everything from old school R&B to jazz to regae with some rock mixed in. Yes I listen to Rock I admit it. Besides with the garbage that is being passed off as hip-hop now, do you blame me?

brightstarr said...

I'm starting to listen to more rock/pop music myself too. I 100% agree that the hip hop/R&B scene is a bit wack these days. Thanks for the info. I listen to yahoo pretty regularly too. I love the old school hip hop station but I did also customize my own station which I LOVE...