Sunday, November 4, 2007

Personal Playlist - Share Yours

Hey folks, I'm updating my music collection and need some song suggestions. I love all music so don't be afraid to share. Below are a few of my favs (I have hundreds, but here are some off the top of my head):

Refuge - John Legend - ahhhh love...
Umi Says - Mos Def
The Truth - India Arie
Purify Me - India Arie
Little Things - dang I like India Arie I guess?
Brown Skin - India Arie
Get Up (remix) - Amel Larrieux (feat Mos Def)
Closer to my Dreams - Goapelle
Buddah Lovas - Bone Thugs n Harmony - don't smoke but good song for relaxation in traffic.
Order my Steps, Stand - Donnie McClurkin - good for the soul.
Changes - Tupac - love, Love, LOVE Tupac....listen to the words
ADIDAS - Outkast
Ghetto Snow - Talib Kweli/Common
You Live, You Learn - Alanis Morisette...great chick
Golden - Jill her, enough said.
Mathematics - Mos Def
Good Life - Kanye West
Get By - Talib Kweli/Mos Def
Can You Stop The Rain - by Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers
Dreaming on a Broken Heart - John Mayer - so true....*sniffles*

Okay, drawing a blank on any more....would love to know some of your favorite songs. I need more smooth easy listening songs too, but I love it ALL from rap-to jazz -to pop-to rock, so lets hear them. Now let me get back to Nip/Tuck...peace.

*Oh and congrats FAMU on winning your homecoming game against NCA&T. Although they tried to hate on the Marching 100, we still killed it at halftime and won the game.


C said...

Declaration (This Is It) - Kirk Franklin - can't be messin' with my mind anymore...

dclawchic said...

Here are a few that I can't live without:

1. the entire robin thick album
2. anita baker - you need some "caught up in a rapture," "whatever it takes" type of songs!
3. christopher williams - don't wake me i'm dreaming
4. common's new album - it's pretty good
5. Pharrell - Out of my Mind" It's a remixed version of "in my mind"
6. Guy - goodbye love
7. Gerald Levert - "Private Line" the album
8. Madonna - "like a virgin"
9. Fred Hammond - "The inner Circle"
10. Kanye West - the newest album - be sure to get flashing lights, good life, etc.
11. Stevie Wonder - the collection, especially the aquarium one
12. Roy Hargrove - Liquid Streets
13. Marvin Gaye - "Here my Dear"
14. TI - "I'm Serious" the BEST TI Album ever, his first one.
15. Boys II Men - Christmas Interpretations
16. Brian McKnight - Brian McKnight
17. Ludacris - Chicken n Beer
18. 8-ball and MJG - Coming out Hard
19. Dwele - Truth (This single is awesome)
20. Jay-Z - Blue Magic
21. USDA - Corporate Thuggin

brightstarr said...

Why am I not surprised at number 18? All good stuff though, thanks a LOT! Especially the Dwele and Roy Hargrove...we're on the same page here.

C said...

Stronger -- Myron Butler & Levi -- I think this is the one you were asking me about.