Thursday, November 1, 2007

CNN: The Noose Follow-up

I was looking to find videos to share some of the CNN documentary on nooses; however, this is the only video I could find. I'm speechless. Again, what year are we living in? I forget...


jawai said...

I suppose you quake in your boots when you see a chicken bone tied with a black ribbon, too. Your fear is what powers a noose, not whitey's hate.

black ribbon chicken said...

a chicken bone tied to a black ribbon? what the hell? maybe if it were a watermelon tied to a shoe, i'd be more offended. wtf! jawai is a weiiiiirrrrdooooo *twilight zone* he really knows how to drive home a strong point.

jawai seems to be one of those weirdos everyone in his family is ashamed to be related to.. oh well - everybody has that ONE cousin. lol

anyway, this was quite an informative, progressive one-sided clip. oxymoron? lol.