Friday, November 16, 2007

MLB After Barry Bonds - Hateration?

Apparently Barry Bonds has been officially suspended from the MLB after an indictment alleging that he tested positive for steroid use in 2000 (mind you this was 3 years BEFORE the MLB started its testing program). That's like trying to take Microsoft from Bill Gates because he smoked marijuana in the 70's. We all know steroid use was prevalent in baseball for years. I knew when they started comparing his ass to Babe Ruth, he was in for it, damn... I bet he's gotten MAD hate mail since he broke that record, lol.

Now for the record, Barry Bonds has NOT been found guilty - and there is no concrete evidence stating that he DID use steroids; however this indictment and suspension will ruin whatever career and reputation he's built for himself over the years. I really hope that he's able to regain some sort of recognition for his accomplishments in baseball history - free of all of this steroid speculation. I really hope so.

[From fox sports]: "One way or another, Bonds is fighting a losing battle. Even if he escapes relatively unscathed from a legal perspective, his standing with the public is so low that the majority of fans are unlikely to forgive him. Not that he seems to care.

No, he won't recover like Martha Stewart, who agreed to a five-month prison term when confronted with similar charges. Stewart went to jail and 2½ years later, she is again a popular homemaking expert, having revived her business empire seemingly overnight.

Bonds, thanks to his surly personality, has built no such empire, even though he was the Michael Jordan of his sport. Fans wonder if a conviction would result in Selig placing an asterisk next to his records, but there would be no need. Bonds is a walking asterisk, a constant reminder of an unseemly era."


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