Thursday, December 13, 2007

Amy Winehouse

Don't care what anyone says, I really like this chick. At least she's not a carbon copy of everyone else - I like her music and originality. Everyone makes mistakes, and I definitely hope she makes her way out of this tough time for her and her family. But anywho, here's one of my favs I heard this morning.

But did you see this website? These people are going to hell. For reals.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Interesting Headlines - 12/10/2007

Supreme Court Allows Lighter Crack Sentences - check it out here. [Not necessarily sure this is a "win" considering judges still hold the ultimate say in final sentencing].

Vick Sentenced to 23 months for dogfighting ring - read more here.

Crazy gunman kills two at missionary center - for reals, people are crazy. - Do you think this was a copycat of the Omaha shooting?

Daaaaaaaaaang Gina, she's gay?! - Queen Latifah more here. Check out the comments on that blog....she's really in for it if she plans on coming out to America...good luck girl.

And sorry guys, I'll get back to posting sooner or later...I've been mad busy. I'll get back by the weekend.

*Update - Officially cut my hair and I'm about 50% natural now. It was a shock - a HUGE one - but I made it though. Wish me luck on the remainder of my transition to beautiful, healthy, natural, hair...peace. Now my workout begins today - wish me luck at the gym! Big things poppin' in 2008.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DC's first Winter Snow

Yay, it finally snowed! I LOVE looking out my window and seeing the snow - so pretty. Well, ok, I DID like snow. Way before I had to worry about this horrible commute and traffic. It took FORever getting into work today! I almost turned around 3 times to go back home and watch Oprah all day (I'm behind on my episodes). But nooooooo, I decided to come into this b*tch today just to find out that my boss took the day off. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Whatever, I'm leaving early. There's always vacation time. And that's exactly what I need in order to avoid the evening rush. There's no way I'm mentally prepared to sit in traffic for 2+ hours this evening. There's no way. Okay. Done venting....and the snow DOES look pretty. :-)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wait - Holdup - It's December?!

Ok ok, I KNOW it was just Thanksgiving and I HAVE been seeing all of the Christmas decorations and ridiculous over-advertising nonsense all over the t.v., but come on it's December ALREADY? Daaaaaaaang. I remember LOVING Christmas time. I used to count down the days. Now it's just a big commercial ploy made by big business in an effort to increase their profit shares. However, the part that I love - the spending time with family/friends part - is overshadowed by gifts that we really don't need. I mean, watching people spend all of their money to buy into such a commercial holiday seems a bit strange to me now. I mean I love giving and sharing, but I don't think going into debt is the real spirit of Christmas. Does anyone ever mention Jesus anymore when referencing Christmas? Really?

Oh and why are my credit card companies sending me blank checks like EVERYday trying to straight bamboozle me? I may be dumb, but I'm not THAT dumb. *Mental note* - I need a shredder.

But mostly, when December gets here I think of all of the things that I've accomplished, or haven't accomplished (ok mostly haven't accomplished) this year. On the bright side, it also motivates me to document all those things I haven't, and start making plans to put into action for the next year. So that's my plan for this week, to make my goal list for 2008 - not resolutions - goals. Should be fun. What are some of your goals for the new year?

A short list of mine include:
  • Strengthening my relationship with God - finding a church home
  • Living a healthier lifestyle - to include a healthier diet and exercise regimen
  • Working towards my plans of starting a youth non-profit center
  • Make smarter financial decisions - invest more money and budget wisely

Monday, December 3, 2007

Why is Family Guy Okay when Imus Wasn't?

My quick answer: Family Guy is funny. It's satire. It's a cartoon that makes it's $$$ by making shockingly offensive comments at every possible group of people there is. On the other hand, Imus is racist, and most importantly, NOT funny.

But check out the article for yourself here.

What do you think?
Btw, the photo has nothing to do with anything - just thought it was funny.