Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why I LOVE the Washington Post

Here's this week's "Post Points Tip of the Week":

"When shopping for collard greens, the color of the leaves is a good indicator of how much flavor they will have. Deep-green leaves, usually the older, larger ones, will have a stronger flavor. With long cooking, they will become tender and succulent. Bunches of leaves that are small and tender are better for recipes with a quicker cooking time. Avoid leaves that have coarse stems or yellowing leaves; those can be signs of lost flavor and nutrients.
Keep in mind that the greens will be trimmed and will shrink during cooking, so buy at least a half-pound per person. Two large bunches should serve as a side dish for four people.
Collard greens are often cooked with fatback or other meat flavorings, but the recipes you'll find in the Oct. 10 issue of Food are lighter and meatless.

Check out Collards With a Dash of Soul and Collard Green Won Tons -- both are available online at"
HA, they said fatback, gotta love it, lol. The Post is definitely Boughetto just like me, isn't it grand? Check out this vegan soul spot when you're in town --> Vita's Eatery


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