Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Steve Jobs Beef

My damn iPod is dead. I gave Apple the benefit of the doubt because it hadn't been charged in a while, but nope. The shit has been charging from my laptop since Sunday - and it's still not working. I refuse to go and buy a charger. I'm charging it via the USB port on my personal PC NONSTOP. I've tried several of my different USB ports - no luck. Not to mention, I was charging it in my car for several days prior to no avail.

So what did I do next?

I surfed the net and got the grand idea to reset it (by pressing the Menu and Select buttons). Still - no luck. For something that costs $300, it seems like it should have some more "advanced" reset functions, but nope.

Oh and I got adware on my machine when I tried downloading a program that would save all my files from my iPod to my computer (similar to Senuti but for PC's ) and the ish didn't work anyway cuz my damn iPod is DEAD!!!! [ok breathing, 3, 2, 1....1, 2, 3....Nam Nyoho Renge Kyooooooooooo]

On the bright side, it didn't catch on fire. But at least then I'd get on the news for my 15 seconds of flame....

Also, do those ipod headphones fit in your ears? I mean are my ears deformed or something? How can people walk around with them without them falling out? For the price we pay for it, we should get headphones that are worth more than 50 cents [they are cute and trendy though]. I can take a $150 flight (half the price of my iPod) and get better headphones for free.

I've officially changed my mind - I'm boycotting the iPhone....not only because I'm cheap and can't afford it, lol...nope, but because if it's anything like my iPod, I can't rely on it as my primary phone.

Anyway - hit me up if you know how to revive the damn thing. I could really use my music during my horrible daily commute [DC area traffic is the WORST]. I have the same WHACK mix cds on rotation and if I hear "Umb-ur-ella ella ella ay ay ay ay" one more TIME!!!!! I don't have time for this STEVE. *Sigh* Peace....


Anonymous said...

I don't really know you, but it sounds like you recently purchased this iPod. I would recommend taking it to the apple store in Tysons to have them take a look at it. Should come with at least a year warranty. Good luck

dclawchic said...

You have a year warranty, so you can ship it back for repair for free. Also you could try to reset it by pressing play + center button at the same time until the apple appears on the screen. That usually does the trick for me.
and no you did not do that tina turner chant! lol hells no!

brightstarr said...

Do I need a receipt? All I have is my online order number and order details - ordered it directly from Apple. Btw, if I send it in for repair I'll probably lose ALL of my songs. I HATE them.

sondjata said...

A) I'm not clear as to which iPod you have but in cases where the battery is dead or the iPod will not boot, you sometimes need to remove the battery. Yes the case is openable with a small enough blade. Disconnect the battery and the iPod will be forced to reset everything.

B) You may have a bad battery or exposed it to bad environments (too hot or too cold). In either case you can buy a battery online and install it yourself. Search the web. I've done this once.

C) If you have a iPod with a dock connector (practicaly any iPod after the 2nd gen) and you've been using the dock connectors you will want to check for bent pins. I bent one and had to bend it back. Another one fell out which prevents it from charging from one of my machines. Go figure.

brightstarr said...

I have an iPod classic 80 gb...thanks for the advice - I'll try ANYthing...I'll update later and let you all know if it worked.