Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cosby is Right and we KNOW it!!!

I know a lot of conversation is being had regarding Bill Cosby's appearance on Meet the Press this past weekend [and Oprah yesterday] and I'd like to state my opinion on the matter. First of all, I think - WAIT I KNOW - that it's ABOUT TIME someone said what's STRIKINGLY OBVIOUS! Just because we're afraid of white people hearing our dirty laundry doesn't mean that they are blind to what's going on in our own communities - and who cares? F*ck 'em. We need to worry about building and growing from here [or going from "Victims to Victors" as Cosby says it]! Come on People!!!!! I'll blog more on this later, but def. had to get my opinion out there. For those who disagree, I suspect you may be the people he's talking about. Check yourself.

I hope you all get upset, so upset that you read the book, so upset that you decide to do something to bring about change, so upset that we all stop b*tching and whining and start coming up with solutions like Mr. Cosby has done - he may not have all the answers, but what he HAS done is start to come up with solutions - and that is commendable.

Noone wants to hear this ish - especially from Grandpa Cosby all over Meet the Press, but lets change it up. Lets be that younger voice - instead of Jay-Z and Nelly doing it for us [clearly we need help when THEY are our voice]. But don't fault the man for really "keepin it real." I'm just sayin...

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dclawchic said...

I think it's about time too... You know, I liked where he said that we want our laundry to stay dirty and never wash it just so outsiders won't know we know we have dirty laundry.... so true!