Monday, October 29, 2007

Rappers these Days....

Ok, first of all, I couldn't possibly care less that T.I. is out of jail after paying $3 mil for his bail. I mean really, what was he trying to do? Start an army?

Next, I thought Jay-Z retired? I guess I'll still download the new joint...but I'm just sayin' that was a short retirement.

Oh, and since when is Lil' Weezy the best rapper alive? Um......Really? I almost choked when I heard this (finally watched my two week old recording of the BET Hip Hop Awards), HILarious!

Btw, do you all know what "Superman Dat Hoe" REALLY means? Gross. I know I'm mad late (as always), but some people still don't know what they are dancing to....check out that link. What's even more embarassing is that my boss (who's not black) told me what this meant about a month ago...ouch.

Who are your favorite artists? And has your opinion of "good" music changed at all in the past 10 years? How so?

Listening to Genarlow Wilson (who was finally released, YAY!!!) on the radio now...I'll catch y'all later.....

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