Monday, October 29, 2007

G.I. City Statistics

Clearly I'm sure you all could tell that I have G.I. on the brain. I was just in town a week ago and was SHOCKED at what I saw. I didn't think the city could possibly get any worse, but it's looking pretty bad. So in my research, I've found some statistics from I'll continue to find more up-to-date stats because in my opinion, I really think it's gotten worse - especially with my generation of young adults - it's sad. Truth is I'm doing nothing to help, just like everyone else who moved away and now claim to be from "Chicago" come on now, I've got to do better.

Population (year 2000): 102,746
Population (year 2006): 97,715 (-4.9% change)

Median household income in Gary: $25,496 (was $27,195 in 2000)
Median household income in state of Indiana: $43,993

Median house/condo value in 2005 in Gary: $63,000
*note Gary, IN is about 30 miles (or less) from Chicago, IL
Median house/condo value in the state of Indiana: $114,400

Percentage of residents living in poverty in 2005: 34.2%

Races in Gary:
Black 84%
White (Non-Hispanic) 10.1%
Hispanic 4.9%
Other Race 2%
Two or more races 1.7%
American Indiana .7%

For population 25 years and over in Gary
High School or higher: 72.7%
Bachelors degree or higher: 10.1%
Graduate or professional degree: 4.0%
Unemployed: 14.9%
Mean travel time to work: 26.1 miles

Gary compared to Indiana state average:
Median house value below state average.
Unemployed percentage above state average.
Black race population percentage above state average.
Hispanic race population percentage above state average.
Foreign-born population percentage below state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average.

Can you interpret anything from these statistics? The goal is to translate these statistics into action. However, who knows where to even start? I've always thought that at the root of our problems is a lack of a solid educational foundation, not to mention lack of parental involvement for various reasons. However, it will take a huge effort to resurrect our school system. Students, parents, and faculty are all more than a bit disillusioned at this point. What can I possibly do to help?

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