Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Caught up!!! - Well Maybe...

Jacked this article from mediatakeout.com....

"October 15, 2007. Tyler Perry's movie Why Did I Get Married was the weekend's biggest grossing movie. But it now looks like one of the actors, Michael Jai White, may be asking himself why he got married - in real life. That's because according to one of MediaTakeOut.com's faithful readers, Michael may be having an affair on his wife.

Here's what our reader had to say:

Before the release or even press about Tyler Perry's movie "Why did I get Married?", I was working as a waitress in an Atlanta restaurant; Michael Jai White was pretty much a regular, coming in 2-3 times a month at that time, and almost each time he came in, he was with a different woman on a date. This was apparent by the interaction he had with each woman.

The only time he was not with a different woman was one time he came in with Richard T. Jones, who is also in the movie. On one particular visit, Michael came in and had a romantic dinner with Tasha Smith, she is also in Tyler Perry's new film. They were kissing across the table, looking into each other's eyes, damn near making love. They looked like they had already, or were ready to devour one another, although she seemed much more into him than he was her. I walked by the table one time and heard her say to him "I love the way your lips feel." They were mad into each other, like they were the only ones there.

This would all be cool if Michael Jai White was not a married man. His wife is a doctor, an attractive, light skinned woman, and she was one of the women he came into the restaurant with; I held her credit card in my hand, which read her first name (which I don't remember, last name (White, MD). The nerve to bring your wife to a place where you've brought at least 3 other women in what were obviously romantic dates.

Michael, we really hope that you were just having innocent dinners with all those women...."

Daaaaaaaaaaang, let's hope this is NOT true. I'm actually a bit shocked that he was caught "with WOMEN." I always thought he was a bit "suspect." But for all we know they were just his "girlfriends" and not the way it's being reported. I'm just sayin...

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