Monday, October 29, 2007

Buy an Excuse to Skip School/Work

I'm standing in at the Apple store FINALLY getting my dead iPod serviced. Unfortunate part is I find out I had to make a damn "appointment" to get service. In the meantime, I've been falling in LOVE with these Macs. They are lovely computers, but I really shouldn't buy one until my PC dies (like my iPod). Lets hope they can revive it. But anyway, while sitting here surfing the net I came across this article, and had to share - apparently you can buy an excuse to skip work. It's a must-read. Enjoy.....

*UPDATE* - Because I know you care, lol - They ended up replacing my iPod (for free) considering I'd only had it for a few months before it started giving me problems. So all is well in the world again. Downside is I no longer have the custom engraving and lost a lot of my music (but it's all good).

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