Tuesday, September 25, 2007



The NFL Network's Adam Schefter has confirmed that Brian Griese will start at quarterback Sunday for the Chicago Bears.

Griese will replace Rex Grossman, who threw three interceptions as the Chicago Bears fell to the Dallas Cowboys 34-10 on Sunday night. Muaahahahahahaaaaa, Rex is definitely NOT in effect.

Finally Lovie!!! Good lookin' out!
Alright, I DO feel a little bad. He's not that bad - ugh, can't agree with Bears haters. So here's another one:


dclawchic said...

you are just WRONG WRONG WRONG for posting this leave rex alone lnk!

dclawchic said...

and he said, "big womp!!!!" and "rex is short for a quarterback, it's not his fault you bastards!" and sexy rexy! lol

Dirty Red said...

Well, Well, Well
All it took was one ASS WHOOPING for dear ole Lovie to get the memo, huh?
This is just like the ole saying we have down here in Texas, (Dallas that is), what's the use in closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out?

How bout them Cowboys!!!

brightstarr said...

LOL, hater. ;-P