Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Justified or not?

I'm rushing through this one. They have me swamped over here at work [I need to win the lotto], so I will provide more information on this article later, but here's the synopsis:

A report has been released stating that black kids at Winston Churchill High School [located in the wealthy DC area community of Potomac, MD] feel unwelcome. "This feeling of racial unease came in response to a January incident that divided much of the Churchill community along lines of race, class and perceived allegiance to the school. A simmering feud led to a fight Jan. 3 among 10 Churchill students, all of them black. The next day, Principal Joan Benz [yes the chick's last name is Benz] sent a letter home that stated that "every incident revolving around this two-month ordeal has been Black-on-Black violence."

#1 - Why did the principal have to emphasize black-on-black violence?
#2 - Why did she send that letter to ALL parents?
#3 - How are children suppossed to feel now (as black students) knowing that their every action will not be labeled as a "black" vs. "student" like everyone else. What should be read as "Susie Jenkins win's a national merit scholarship" in the school newspaper, may actually read "Black girl win's national merit scholarship" in the school newspaper.
#4 - Would the letter read "white-on-white" violence if it were 10 white kids who got into a fight? The news does this same thing all the time and it's quite frustrating.

But anyway, her comments have angered black parents [and students] at Churchill both inside and outside the Scotland community, which is home to many of the students involved in the fight. I don't know what should happen next. First, in my opinion, the principal should definitely offer an apology citing her ignorance as the primary culprit. But then what? Share your opinions.

Read on here ---> again I LOVE the Washington Post.

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Dirty Red said...

I think that the students feel justified about not feeling welcome at this school. Just like you said, if the fights had happened between any white students, I doubt that the principal would have sent a letter to every parent, just the parents of the students that were involved.
She wanted the white parents to know what kind of "animals" litte Becky and Tom had to share their classrooms with. This is just another example of how race relations are in this country. First Bill O'Lie-ly acts surprised that black people are just like the "rest of us", and then this story comes out. But the good thing is, if those brothers and sisters that live in that area can afford to send their children to that school, I know that they can afford to send them somewhere that their kids will be appreciated and welcomed, and where they will get the education that they deserve and need.