Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I Love Michelle Obama!

Ok, most people who know me know I LOVE Oprah. Well I've found a new favorite - Michelle Obama. I have a couple of reasons that should show you why:

Ann Couric's "Tough" Questioning? Not for Michelle!

And in response to the ignorant comments made by Tavis Smiley during the State of the Black Union mini controversy --> Click Here for the Audio

Classy, intelligent, charming, direct. Hillary could take some pointers from Michelle. But lets hope she doesn't. ;-)


♥ killer queen said...

I also adore Michelle Obama. She's strong, intelligent, classy, and vocally supportive of her husband... I think in her shoes I would be the exact same.

sslesc said...

Michelle is so amazing. i got on board w/ her first; she convinced me on Obama! i would follow her anywhere. She is so real and brilliant. Michelle for 1st Lady!