Friday, February 1, 2008

Guess who's Bizzzack!?!

Ok ok, it's been a while, but I'm baaaaaaaack. There's been A LOT going on - personally work drama, but that's all behind me and things are looking up BIG time! So I thought I'd share news I found interesting while sitting here waiting to file my taxes. [Time out. Let us take some time out and pray that I get a refund and don't have to pay ANYthing. Amen.]

Now back to what's been going on in the world. Where do I start? I know EXACTLY where to start - my favorite candidate of all time: Barack Obama. I had the opportunity to go to the rally held in DC where he, Ted Kennedy, along with Caroline Kennedy spoke at American Univeristy this past Monday. It was a HUGE moment in history - same place JFK spoke 40+ years before. I can't wait to have kids to tell them about that day in history - it was awesome. If my friend allows, I'll share some pics she took at the rally.

Just standing there taking in the fact that the best candidate of 2008 happens to be a black man in America - hearing the passion in his voice - the applause from the crowd - the unity - the sheer excitement for what COULD be in America - nearly brought tears to my eyes [but I'm no punk, lol]. I've never experienced anything like that before. And I'm glad I got an opportunity to do that this week.

Another update is I got a chance to finally go through some paperwork that had been accumulating in my place since I moved in. During clearing out some paperwork I ran across some of my mother's old things. In case you didn't know, my mother passed away in 1999, right before my senior year in high school. Since then, I've never really finished going through some of her paperwork. But anyway, let me tell you what I found:

First, I found an AWESOME short story she'd written. It was written from the perspective of it being 6 years in the future. She was healthy and growing in the Lord, and was able to fulfill her dream of ministering to street folks in my hometown. She always identified with those who had lost faith in their journey with God and did her best to minister to those most in need. Just knowing what she'd gone through gives me hope and renewed faith that I can definitely pursue anything and everything I want to in my life. Particularly my non-profit organization in my hometown of Gary, Indiana. So I'm getting it poppin' in 08 .

So far it's been a really busy year. I'm starting a business, working on the non-profit business plan/proposal, and trying to grow in my career. I must say that I'm blessed to have some of the opportunities I have, so I won't complain. God is good...

But I'll keep in touch a little better. I promise. How about once/week? ;-)


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charlese said...

Since I enjoyed your post so much (particularly the part about your mom's short story) I will not tease you about being a slacker. It looks like you and your mom shared a similar passion. That is so very cool! Maybe you can dedicate your nonprofit to her. Just keep God first. That sounds like something she'd want. Welcome back homie!