Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Official Obama is a Rock Star!!

For the record, I've been ignoring all the conversations regarding what the "world is ready for" vs. what it's not - nonsense. Clearly America IS ready to spice things up a bit - Obama raised over 7 million dollars in 36 hours, while Clinton had to dip on those pockets for a mere $5 million. She has some BIG players in her corner too - namely lobbyists and celebrities across America - so that was a shock. So, like Obama said last night I refuse to listen to ignorant cynicism, which most often tends to cover for wisdom.

Yesterday Obama SWEPT Hillary big time in Louisiana, Washington State, and Nebraska. What?! Nebraska? It is SO on... Her strategy? To parrot everything Barack says in her own speeches and bash Bush (too easy). Come on now - you can do better - or maybe you can't.

This weekend and through Tuesday he will be in the Chesapeake area (DC, MD, VA) campaigning. Luckily I'm pretty sure he has MD and DC on LOCK. VA will take a little work but he's used to hitting the concrete and working for his, so I'm claiming that too. He tends to do extremely well with the educated middle-to-high income demographic, so from what I know of northern VA, he should be in there.

Oh, and regarding Fiddy's ignorant comment the other day, I thought this article was HILARIOUS -

FYI....1148 DELEGATES (CLINTON) TO 1121 DELEGATES (OBAMA). - 7:18pm Eastern

Check out Larry King tomorrow night to see Michelle Obama.


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