Friday, June 13, 2008

RIP Tim Russert

RIP Tim Russert, you will definitely be missed..

I often look forward to "Meet the Press" to guide my political compass - this program provides direct fact-based reporting that is grossly lacking in today's media coverage. He seemed like a sincere and charismatic reporter that I was particularly drawn to. There aren't many reporters I can say that I necessarily "like" as a human being. I tend to like Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, and Anderson Cooper (yea that's about it). Others, I never feel to connect to - other than they deliver news/spin, and I listen. It's strange how you can develop relationships with t.v. personalities you've never met. But I must admit, I felt a certain sadness and sense of loss knowing that one of my favorite reporters would no longer be on to share in this exciting political landscape we find ourselves in. I felt a genuine connection he had to politics and most importantly his family.

Another thought of mine when I initially heard he'd had such a sudden death due to a heart attack, I quickly thought about how the devastating effects of heart disease in the African American community. I think an emphasis needs to be placed on healthier living across the board. So, I'll start doing "health" blogs periodically, mostly to ensure that I'm keeping myself on track. Lead by example right? *wink* I'll keep in touch.


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