Monday, March 24, 2008

Working, Insomnia, and JoJo

Ok, it's been a while since I last wrote. My bad. I blame work. I've been working OT trying to ramp up for a big project we have going on. It's pretty exciting, but can get tiring getting up to speed. Mostly because my sleep pattern is all off. For some reason I haven't been getting more than four hours sleep/night. I have to do better with that. I have an obsession with reality t.v. that we will have to discuss another time.

Oh, and my dog, JoJo is ruining my life. He's about to turn 1 in about a week and is still not fully potty trained. I mean he was cute and all when he was a baby (see pic) but now it's a little much. His needs to tell me when he needs to go outside. If only I'd known it was going to be this much work to get a dog, I would've had to pass on the pet owner gig - ugh. He's cute, but not worth the trouble. I love him to death, but he is driving me CA-RAZY! He needs to get a job. I mean how do pet owner's keep their house clean and smelling great? I mean really. It's tough enough with just me. This is definitely making me rethink those 4 kids I want. Jeeezus. I was trippin. Lord, give me strength.

But back to the length of time since my last post. To be honest, I just haven't been all that inspired to write. Everything has been pretty "blah." Not that that's a good or bad thing. Just no huge ups or downs in my life as of late. But I'll try a little harder to keep in touch. Any ideas on some new blog topics? Btw, I generally spend about 10 minutes writing my posts, don't get too deep. ;-)

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