Friday, March 14, 2008

Deflated....Over It

For a while I've been very encouraged and excited that Americans were looking past race for once and voting for a great Candidate who is pushing for positive change in our country. That was huge. For once, I had faith that we were seeing true progress. Clearly I was sipping that hope-aid (red, it's my favorite).

But for a couple of weeks I've been hearing a huge increase of racial rhetoric by every news outlet there is. Over the last few months they have used race as a way to divide Americans at the polls. Now I'm watching this Barack Obama bashing on rotation on mf-ing CNN (used to be my fav. news channel) which I could've sworn was Fox News - talking about his pastors comments (who gives a flying ****?). I've also been watching SNL for the past few weeks and have been extremely disappointed in their racist (did you see the Sharpton/Jesse skit?) and ridiculous coverage of Barack Obama and his campaign - I thought comedy was supposed to be funny - guess not. I'm so over this. They are destroying this man on some b.s. That man must really love his country to risk his life running for this office and taking this kind of grief...he's a better person than I am - f*ck that shit.

And the NERVE of Geraldine Ferraro to suggest that his race is giving him the upper hand in this campaign - is she insane? I mean really. That's insanity.

I'd like to say that the American people are smarter than this, but I said the same thing last election when George Bush was elected. I was wrong then too. Damn.

If Barack doesn't win this damn democratic nomination, I will not be voting in November (or maybe I'll vote for Nader for kicks). I'm way too deflated. I'm over politics.

*Sigh* *Sipping elitist latte*

And for the record, who cares about Spitzer (I mean really)? Or these racial issues? Or his pastor? Lets talk about the damn ECONOMY and these GAS PRICES (check the pic above), this is CRAZY! Oh, true story, they have televisions at the gas pumps - gets your mind off the fact that gas prices are OUT OF CONTROL. They are trying to SELL you more stuff by advertising products via commercials literally at the gas pump. For reals. Sunoco. For the record, I spent $50 at the pump today. Insanity.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I happened across your blog this morning and read your post about the increase in racial rhetoric. I agree that it is hugely problematic and really despicable. (Going to go watch Obama's speech on race now!) But as an Obama supporter of the most vigorous variety, I think it's really important that we be vocal about our willingness to support Clinton if she does capture the nomination. I think it's part and parcel with Obama's message and frankly I think it's vindictive, not productive, to do otherwise. I actually built a site around this concept, and I'd be interested in your thoughts on it. You are kind of the target audience. (:


Anonymous said...

(and, by target audience, I mean obama supporter who has doubts about being able to support hillary.)

Kieya said...

I'm disappointed as well...but don't forget, Cynthia McKinney is running as well!